de Stafford PSA Constitution

 1.   The name of the Association shall be the Stafford PSA.  This Association is the successor body to the de Stafford School Society and as such is linked with the de Stafford Trust (Registered Charity No. 312024).


2.   The object of the Association is to advance the education of the pupils of the school and encourage co-operation between home and school.  In furtherance of this object the Association may:

     (i) develop more extended relationships between the staff, parents, and others associated with the school;

     (ii) engage in activities that support the school and advance the education of the pupils attending it;

     (iii) provide and assist in the provision of such facilities or items for education of the pupils at the school;

     (iv) enhance the partnership between home and school.


3.   The Association shall be non-sectarian and non-party-political.


4.   Membership of the Association shall automatically be granted to the teaching and non-teaching staff of the school and to the parents and guardians of all children on the register of the school.  Membership shall also be granted to any other person wishing to offer appropriate support or help to the school and who is accepted by the committee as a member.


The committee may for good reason (whether or not at the request of the Governing Body or the Head Teacher) exclude any person whose prescence at or support of the school are deemed a danger to the school or its pupils or staff or might bring the Association into disrepute (but only after notifying the member concerned in writing and considering the matter in the light of any written representations which the member puts forward within 14 clear days after receiving notice).


5.  Management of the Association shall be vested in a committee of between three and twelve members.  A quorum for the committee shall be three or one third of the committee, whichever is larger.  The chairperson shall have a casting vote.  The committee exercises certain delegated powers relating to the de Stafford Trust and must always be guided by advice from the Trustees on matters affecting the Charity.


6.   Committee meetings must be held at least once each term.  These meetings shall be open to all members of the Association but only committee members may vote.


7.   The committee shall elect from its number a chairperson, a treasurer, and a secretary.

A member of staff (other than the Head) may be nominated by the Head to serve on the PSA committee.


8.   (i)   The election of the committee shall take place at the AGM.  They will serve until the next AGM.

      (ii)   Vacancies may be filled by co-opting any member of the Assocation onto the committee.  Such persons    may serve on the committee for the remaining length of time the original member would have served.

     (iii)   The committee may appoint subcommittees as it deems necessary and shall prescribe their function provided that all acts and proceedings shall be reported to the Committee as soon as possible and provided further that no such subcommittee shall expend funds of the Association otherwise than in accordance with a budget agreed by the Committee.


9.   The AGM shall normally be held during the first half of the School's autumn term. All members shall be invited to attend and shall be invited to forward, before the date of the AGM, items for the agenda and nominations for committee members.  The AGM quorum for binding decisions shall be 20 members.


10.   The Head Teacher shall be President of the Association.


11.  The committee's proposed activities shall be decided in consultation with the Head Teacher or his/her representative.


12.   The secretary shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of the meetings and for the correspondence of the Association.


13.   The Treasurer shall be responsible for any monies and shall keep an account of income and expenditure.


14.   (i)     The bank account(s) shall only be in the name of the de Stafford PSA and/or the de Stafford Trust.  Withdrawals shall be made on the signature of at least two committee members as determined by the committee.

       (ii)     One independent examiner, not being a member of the Committee, shall be appointed annually at the AGM to examine the accounts and books of the Association in accordance with the requirements of the Charity Commission.

The financial year shall run from 1st September to the 31st August.

      (iii)     As soon as is practicable, the Association will transfer to the Trust Fund all substantive funds except those needed for its day-to-day operation.


15.     The Association shall take out appropriate Public Liability and Personal Accident insurance to cover its activities.


16.  The Association may be dissolved by a resolution presented at a Special General Meeting called for this purpose.  The resolution must have the assent of two thirds of those present.  All remaining assets of the Association shall be transferred to the de Stafford Trust to be used for the benefit of the children of the school, or in the event of school closure to the school to which the majority of the closing school will go, in any manner which is exclusively charitable in law.  If effect cannot be given to this provision then the assets shall be given to some other charitable purpose as decided by the Trustees.


17.     Special General Meetings may be called at the written request of a minimum of twenty members of the Association.


18.   Thirty days' notice shall be given to all members of the Association of any Special General Meeting.


19.    Any matter not provided for in the Constitution and concerning the organisation and/or activities of the Association shall be dealt with by the Committee whose decision shall be final.


20.   No alteration to this Constitution may be made except at the AGM or a Special General Meeting called for this purpose.  Alterations to the Constitution shall receive the assent of two thirds of the members present and voting at the AGM or Special General Meeting.


21.   No amendments or alteration shall be made to Clauses 2, 16,or 20 without the prior written permission of the Trustees.  No alteration or amendment shall be made to the objects clause or dissolution clause which would cause the de Stafford Trust to cease to be a Charity at law.



October 2012



1. The name of the Association shall be the de Stafford PSA. 
of any Special General Meeting.